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Deluxe Pizza – Medium $11.99     Large $14.99

A blend of the finest ingredients found anywhere in the world. This mouth watering meal is loaded with italian sausage complemented perfectly with just the right amount of pepperoni.  Add in the freshest onions, green peppers, olives and mushrooms. Smother it all in mozzarella cheese and you’ve got the pizza everyone will enjoy.

Railroader – Medium $12.99     Large $15.99

A vegetarian’s worst nightmare! A meat lover’s fantasy. ❝The ALL MEAT Pizza❞ loaded with sausage, fresh ground beef, scrumptious bacon finished off with a layer of pepperoni and tender ham. A monster pizza held together by a ton of fresh mozzarella cheese. Created for a SERIOUS meat lover!

Taco Pizza – Medium $12.99     Large $15.99

A tantalizing taste of the mexican border! Delicately seasoned taco meat topped with fresh lettuce, onion, and plump tomatoes. Topped off with the perfect blend of colby and mozzarella and that touch of tortilla chips. (Taco sauce available upon request.)

The Vegetarian – Medium $11.99     Large $14.99

The healthy escape to pizza. Juicy vegetable toppings such as fresh onions, green and black olives,  thin sliced mushrooms, green peppers, plump ripe tomatoes all covered with a generous portion of pure mozzarella cheese. (Banana  and jalapeño peppers added upon request.)

Timmy’s Train Wreck – Medium $12.99     Large $15.99

The ultimate collision where BBQ meets pizza! Hickory-smoked pulled pork, sweet banana peppers, onions, bacon and fresh tomatoes. Timmy’s secret BBQ sauce topped off with mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

BBQ Chicken Pizza – Medium $12.99     Large $15.99

Seasoned chicken loaded on our own not too tangy, not too sweet barbeque sauce, green peppers, onions and ripe tomatoes round out this culinary masterpiece that’s sure to addict even the slightest chicken enthusiast.

Chicken Club Pizza – Medium $12.99     Large $15.99

Seasoned chicken, bacon, onions, green peppers, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on a creamy white sauce.

Timmy’s Buffalo Style Pizza – Medium $12.99     Large $15.99

If you like hot you are going to love our most popular spicy dish. Tender chicken marinated and laid in a southern style hot sauce, topped off with a healthy portion of fresh onions and a mound of two cheeses. It’s guaranteed to keep guaranteed to keep the taste buds awake!

Crazy Dough Pizza – Two Toppings $5.25     Deluxe $6.25

This singPile serving pizza is like a snowflake, no two are ever the same. Actual shape and size may vary, but load these little guys up with your choice of toppings and results are always the same, the best individual pizza on the planet!  Extra toppings add $.50

Garlic Bread With Cheese – $3.99

Garlic Dough With Cheese – $3.99


Pizza Your Way


Sausage – Pepper – Ham – Beef – Bacon – Salami – Green Peppers – Banana Peppers – Onions – Jalapenos – Green Onions – Black Olives – Mushrooms – Tomatoes – Anchovies

Cheese Included on all pizzas

1 item of choice                     $9.00                $12.00
2 item of choice                     $9.75                $13.00
3 item of choice                    $10.75              $14.00
Extra Toppings                      $1.50                $2.00
Extra Cheese                           $1.50                $2.00

The 14″ Conductor “Value Special”
Made with a different twist!

Cheese or 1 Topping – $9.50
Each additional Toppings – $2.00


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